Our House Session Bitter

An easy drinking, refreshing English style ale with a light toffee maltiness. Kentish Golding and Challenger hops provide a florally mild citrus finish. 

Brewed by Tonbridge Brewery (under their monicker for it Traditional) you'll be able to find this available to drink everyday we're open for its as regular as our regulars!


£3.70 a Pint 

The most regular in our line up of Kent brewers, we couldn't say anymore about them other than borrowing the words from their own about us bit on their homepage

For a look at some more of Tonbridge Brewery's superb ales...


Larkins was the first Brewery we approached when lining up suppliers for The Real Ale Way and with good reason, their core line up might be small but boy is it mighty! More shameless plagiarism from their homepage coming up!

Simply put the Larkins Pale (4.2% & £3.90 a pint) is inimitable and as such it is kept up on our board (right below our House Session Bitter).

Other than that we often get their Best Bitter (4.4% & £4 a pint) in and when its in season their Porter makes a regular appearance on the board! 

If by chance we've been drunk dry of all our stock there'll be one thing we're bound to say...

Screen Shot 2019-06-11 at 07.56.40.png

Have a ganders over at our beer gallery for some temptingly tasty pictures 

Other Great Kent or Kentish Beers

There are some truly awe inspiringly great Kent or Kentish brewers out there, you'll often hear Gregory say in the pub "This is the golden age of Ale!", well here are the wonderful breweries we've got round to as of yet.

They make up our permanently changing roster of up to NINE REAL ALES on at any moment in time. Click on each one to be redirected to their respective homepage.

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